Student Employment Forms & Resources

On this page, you will find:

  • Fall 2023 Student Employee Evaluation Details
  • Campus Policies & Resources
  • Resources for Students & Supervisors (additional content to be added)
  • Payroll & Timekeeping How To’s
  • Links to Required Hiring Documents
  • International Student-Related Forms and Processes

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Fall 2023 Student Employee Evaluation
Student Employee Evaluations for the Fall 2023 semester are due on December 6 / Reading Day. A quick overview of the process is:

  • Student employees will submit their self-evaluation
  • Supervisors will be notified when a student has submitted the evaluation and will complete their portion of the evaluation
  • The student employee and supervisor will meet to discuss the evaluation and how they would like to utilize the information in Spring 2024
  • Feedback Form on Fall 23 Evaluation & the Student Employee/Supervisor Experience

Campus Policies & Resources

Resources for Student Employees & Supervisors

Payroll & Timekeeping

  • 2023 Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar
  • Video Coming: How to Submit Your Timesheet with the October 2023 Banner Update/OnePort Changes
  • Video: How to Submit a Late Timesheet
  • Late Timesheet Form
    • This form is an Excel file and must be downloaded/completed on a PC computer. 
    • For Mac users, opening the document on a Mac changes the encryption required on the form and therefore will not be accepted by Payroll.
    • If you can’t access MS Excel, please visit the Career Center in Ramsey Library and we will be able to assist you. 
  • Resource for Direct Deposit Common Bank Forms
  • Student Employment Change Form: Use this form if a student employee’s position is terminated (such as when they leave a position to pursue another opportunity) or their timesheet approver needs to be updated.

Required Hiring Documents

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students cannot begin working on-campus until all of their required paperwork has been submitted and processed with HR and Payroll. Completion and approval of employment paperwork before a student begins on-campus work is a requirement of law and University policy

International Students Working on Campus