Required Hiring Documents

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students cannot begin working on-campus until all of their required paperwork has been submitted and processed with HR and Payroll. Completion and approval of employment paperwork before a student begins on-campus work is a requirement of law and University policy. Beginning to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to hold an on-campus student employee position. Permitting a student to work without approved employment status may result in no longer being able to supervise student employees.

  • Schedule a time to visit Human Resources in 217 Phillips Hall to submit the following completed paperwork:
    • Student Employment Agreement
    • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification (virtual) with Supporting Documentation (Note: You must bring the original document in-person to finalize this form.)
      • Important Note: For the online form, you will fill out Page 1 and then click ‘Next’ through the following 3 pages. You won’t be able to click in and fill in anything on those pages. After you complete the first page and click through, you’ll be able to click ‘Submit.’ You will need to visit Human Resources in Phillips with the supporting documentation (see link above) to complete the I-9 process.
    • W-4 Federal Tax Form (print, complete, and submit to HR)
    • NC-4 EZ State Tax Form OR NC-4 State Tax Form (print, complete, and submit to HR)
  • Submit to Payroll in Phillips 120:

International Students

Payroll – Timekeeping

  • Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar
  • Video: How to Submit Your Timesheet
  • Late Timesheet Form
    • This form is an Excel file and must be downloaded/completed on a PC computer. 
    • For Mac users, opening the document on a Mac changes the encryption required on the form and therefore will not be accepted by Payroll. 
    • If you can’t access MS Excel, please visit the Career Center in Ramsey Library and we will be able to assist you. 

Supervisor Resources

  • How to Post a Job on Handshake
  • Job Posting Template + Example
  • Student Employment Change Form
    • A student graduates, is academically suspended, or takes a leave of absence before their contract end date
    • A student’s position is terminated prior to the contract end date (include a written justification)
    • A student’s timesheet approver or timesheet proxy approver changes
  • Interview Guide + Rubric – Coming soon!
  • Student Employee Accountability Guide – Coming soon!
  • Information on Required Supervisor Training – Coming soon!

Additional Resources


  • FWS: Federal Work Study
  • SEA: Student Employment Agreement
  • SEG: Student Employment Grant (combines FWS + SEF processes)
  • SEF: Student Employment Fund
  • SSN: Social Security Number