Sophomore On-Campus Internship Program

The UNC Asheville Sophomore On-Campus Internship Program provides funding for sophomore students to pursue a project-based experience related to their targeted areas of career exploration while enrolled in a reflection-based course. This experience is intended to be a first step before pursuing an off-campus internship. Spring 2023 opportunities are listed and linked below.

Are you a sophomore student interested in a paid, on-campus internship during the Spring 2023 semester?

2023 Internship Opportunities:


  • December 16 by 11:59PM: Deadline for applications.
    • Pro Tip: Drop in or set up an appointment with the Career Center to have your required resume and cover letter reviewed before submitting them!
  • December 19 – January 11: Supervisors coordinate interviews and make offers to candidates
    • Did You Know? You can set up a mock interview with the Career Center, or try out our new Big Interview online platform – just email us for more information.
  • January 12: Hiring documents must be completed and submitted. Accepted interns enroll in IST 325.
  • January 13: First course session of IST 325.
  • January 16: Interns begin their spring on-campus internships.

Student Requirements: 

  • Sophomore standing 
  • 2.5 GPA or higher 
  • Address how the internship aligns with current career goals in their application cover letter
  • Complete a minimum of 105 hours of internship experience, including the completion of at least one project deliverable with the guidance of their internship supervisor
  • Must enroll in IST 325 for Spring 2022, 3 credit hour interdisciplinary internship course 
  • Must complete a pre- and post-self evaluation
  • Must create and submit a video demonstrating their learning and reflection at the end of the internship experience

Students planning to apply for any of these on-campus internships should ensure they have all necessary hiring documents on-hand for the December 9 paperwork process.