Funding for Internships

Internship Assistance Fund & UNC Asheville Internship Program

The Career Center will be offering the Internship Assistance Fund in a new way. We are launching an exciting new initiative, the UNC Asheville Internship Program, which matches students with valuable internship opportunities related to their goal field. To ensure all opportunities in this program are funded, we have chosen to merge our Internship Assistance Fund with this program.

Merging the two together allows us to make a bigger impact on a greater number of students. Moving forward, in order to receive Internship Assistance Funding, students must join the formal Internship Program hosted through the Career Center. There are currently no other eligibility requirements other than participation in the program and the host site’s opportunity being unpaid. The Internship Program runs during the spring and summer semesters.

Reach out to Grace Champion, Internship Program Manager, at with any questions.