University Ambassador Program

Who better to introduce future students to UNC Asheville than current students?

The University Ambassador Program is designed to help special groups, prospective students and their families become familiar with the campus and the atmosphere of UNC Asheville. Current students lead tours and answer questions about the school and campus life so visitors get authentic, informed answers to their questions.

The ideal Ambassador is a student who, first and foremost, is enthusiastic about UNC Asheville. They enjoy meeting new people and facing new challenges. They look forward to the unexpected and love keeping up with the ever-changing university. Ambassadors are usually committed and involved in the livelihood of the campus, participating in other on-campus activities and organizations. They are outgoing and comfortable speaking to a wide-range of people and in front of large groups.

Campus tours are an integral part of the campus visit program here in the Office of Admissions. In addition to daily scheduled tours for prospective students and their families, special groups also visit the campus throughout the year. Elementary, middle, and high school students, students at risk, college prep students, and many others comprise the majority of our group tours. Ambassadors are welcoming to all special groups and help answer questions specific to a group’s interests and situations, which vary greatly.

University Ambassadors also host overnight guests in our residence halls in the Spring, and they also have the opportunity to participate in special campus events at the request of the chancellor or other members of the UNCA community. Chancellor’s luncheons, fundraising events, installations and commencements, Open Houses, and many other events give Ambassadors a chance to meet and network with UNCA alumni or influential members of the campus community.

To help new Ambassadors effectively meet challenges and responsibilities, they attend a training session at the beginning of the semester and work with several experienced Ambassadors during the first few actual tours. Once they are comfortable with giving tours, a new Ambassador can start giving tours solo. Most of the time, they are ready to train newcomers at the beginning of the next school year. Both the Campus Visit Coordinator and the Student Ambassador Directors keep all Ambassadors informed and connected throughout the year (usually by email) regarding any changes that occur in any aspect of the university community.

Apply to Be a University Ambassador

Complete the University Ambassador Application and send a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member to, or drop it off at the Admissions Office in Brown Hall. An Admissions Representative will be in touch if you are chosen to interview. Interviews are usually conducted shortly before the end of each semester.

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