Financial Aid & Credit Balances

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Financial Aid Refund Checks

When financial aid is disbursed to a student’s account it is applied to the student’s account balance. If there is a credit remaining after all tuition and fees are paid, then the student’s account is reviewed to determine if the credit should be refunded to the student. If it is determined that the credit should be refunded, a refund check will be requested. Once the refund check has been requested the student’s account activity will show a “Student Refund” and the account balance will go to zero. This usually occurs three to five business days after the aid is placed on the student’s account.

Refund checks are typically available three to five business days after the date of the “Student Refund” entry on the student’s account. The Student Accounts Office will notify students via the UNC Asheville email system once a refund check is available for pick up.

If the student refund check is due to financial aid, you must complete the Financial Aid Disbursement Authorization Form. If you would like your refund check mailed, please complete the Refund Check Form. All refund checks will be held in the office for two weeks. Any checks not picked up within two weeks will be mailed.

The earliest date in any semester that student refund checks are available will be the first day of classes!

Parent PLUS Loan Refunds

All credit balances due to a Parent PLUS Loan will be refunded to the PLUS Loan borrower unless the PLUS Loan Statement of Understanding form completed by the PLUS Loan borrower indidcates the funds should be issued to the student. Please be advised that if the credit is to be refunded to the PLUS Loan borrrower, it may take up to two weeks from the disbursement date for the check to be mailed.