EmBark FAQs

We realize that your transition to UNC Asheville can come with a lot of questions, so we have compiled a list of what’s most frequently asked.

If you are not able to find your answer on this page, or any of the corresponding EmBark Orientation pages, send us an email at orient@unca.edu.

EmBark Orientation Schedule

View the First-Year Student EmBark Orientation schedule here.

View the Transfer Student Embark Orientation schedule here.

Packing List

Since all freshman EmBark Orientation participants will spend the night on-campus, don’t forget to pack for your overnight stay! Students should bring:

  • Sheets (twin/XL twin) or sleeping bag
  • Official ID (driver’s license or government-issued ID)
  • Handsoap
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Pillow
  • Towel, washcloth, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash)
  • Pajamas
  • Change of clothing for the next day
  • Wear comfortable shoes: you will be walking to various locations around campus throughout your time at EmBark, so it’s important to keep comfort in mind when deciding what to pack for EmBark Orientation.
  • If rain is forecast, bring an umbrella. We will have ponchos available for you to use, but with the heavy rains experienced throughout Western North Carolina in the past month, an umbrella is a good choice.
  • If you have not yet had the opportunity to submit your immunization records or your final transcripts, please bring copies of them with you to EmBark Orientation
  • A pen and something to take notes with throughout the day. You will receive a folder at check-in with all of the corresponding handouts for EmBark Orientation, but it’s best to be prepared to take additional notes as well.
  • You will be responsible for keeping up with your orientation packet, so if you prefer a tote bag to carry your folder, you’ll need to bring one with you.

Arriving & Parking at EmBark

Where do I park during EmBark?

Freshmen will be staying in Founders Hall for their overnight visit as a part of EmBark Orientation, so families can drop students there. You will then be directed to park in the deck by South and West Ridge residence halls. Drop-off and parking directions will emailed in advance. You can also find our campus map online.

Can freshmen drive themselves and park during EmBark?

Freshmen may drive themselves to EmBark; however, freshmen may not have a car on campus for their first year.

Registering for Classes

Please see the How to Prepare page for information on completing the Online Advising & Registration (OAR) Course.

Freshman Students

Once you have satisfied the requirements of the OAR course, your class schedule will be created based on your OAR completion date. *The sooner you complete the course, the more likely your course preferences will be accommodated.*

Once you have completed the OAR course, if you have any questions, please feel free to book an appointment with an advisor or contact them at 828.350.4500 or onestop@unca.edu.

Please make sure that you submit any AP scores or Early College credits so that you receive credit for previous coursework!

Transfer Students

After receiving the OAR course email, complete the OAR course at your earliest convenience; this will determine when you are eligible to register for classes.

Once you have satisfied the requirements of the OAR course, you will receive your Registration Access Number (RAN).

Once you have completed class registration, you have the option to have an advisor review your schedule.

Once you have completed the OAR course, if you have any questions, please feel free to book an appointment with an advisor or contact them at 828.350.4500 or onestop@unca.edu.

When can I take the Modern Language Placement exam? I have more questions about foreign languages.

If you would like to demonstrate your mastery of the French or Spanish language through second semester competency, you are encouraged to take the 20-30 minute exam that will be offering at the end of the day during EmBark Orientation. If you are proficient in other languages, you may contact the Languages & Literatures Department to set up a time to take the test. Please visit Languages & Literatures for more information on the exam, placing out of required languages, or transferring credits.

Immunization Records

I have not yet submitted the required immunization form. Can I still register for classes?

If you are unable to submit all of your required immunizations prior to attending EmBark, you will need to speak with a Health Services representative during EmBark to make arrangements for submitting your immunization records.

Where do I submit my immunization records?

You may submit your immunization records to the Health Services Office:

Health and Counseling Center, CPO #3710
One University Heights
Asheville, NC 28804
Phone: 828.251.6520
Fax: 828.251.6887


I have a disability or mobility issues. What accommodations can be made during orientation?

Please notify us prior to attending EmBark to inform us of any accommodation needs. We will be happy to work with you individually to ensure you are able to participate in EmBark and get the most from the experience, but we will not know of a needed accommodation unless you explicitly inform our office — making a note in your EmBark registration will help us know how to best accommodate you.

For Parents and Families

Are parents required to attend the Parent and Family EmBark?

Parent EmBark Orientation provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions and to get to know all the ins and outs of UNC Asheville. It is highly recommended, especially if this is your first student attending a liberal arts university. However, attendance is not required. Nevertheless, we invite you to participate in EmBark Orientation so you can receive a solid foundation in understanding UNC Asheville and how it works.

I am not a parent. Can I still come?

Yes – be sure to register.

When will I receive information about Parent and Family EmBark?

Once admitted to the university, your student will begin receiving all UNC Asheville-related information through their UNC Asheville email account. Your student will receive information about EmBark Orientation and the process of registering for orientation after submitting their enrollment deposit.

With that in mind, encourage your student to make it a habit to check this account daily as no information is sent to parents and guests prior to registration for EmBark.

Where can I find overnight accommodations?

Overnight accommodations in the residence halls are not available for parents or family members; however,

Parents and family members may find area accommodations information via the area accommodations page. The area accommodations link is not an all-inclusive list of hotels; however, it is a list of hotels that offer discounts to friends and family of UNC Asheville students.

When making reservations, in order to receive the special rate, please ask for the “UNC Asheville Friends and Family” rate. This is based on availability, and there are black out dates on Friday and Saturday evenings during the months of July and October.

I’d like to get know Asheville. Do you offer area discounts?

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your student’s new surroundings by participating in one of the following optional activities while you are in Asheville. We have worked with local businesses to provide special UNC Asheville EmBark Orientation rates.

  • Biltmore Estate – Visit the Biltmore Estate at a reduced rate. Tickets can be purchased at the UNC Asheville Bookstore.

Learn More

Visit the Transition & Parent Programs website for additional information about our orientation programs and resources for first-year, first generation, transfer, and Veteran students.