SAP Appeals

A student should review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to determine if he/she is eligible to appeal for financial assistance. You must meet one of the requirements to appeal that is listed on the appeal form. Complete the appeal form and submit it along with all supporting documentation. If you do not submit the supporting documentation, your appeal will be denied.

Students appealing for reinstatement of their financial aid are not eligible for financial aid assistance. Students are required to pay all expenses and if the appeal is approved, they will be awarded financial aid when all required documentation has been received.

Submitting an appeal with the required documentation does not guarantee that the appeal will be approved. All of the documentation presented will be reviewed by the SAP Appeals committee and a decision will be made at that time. You will receive notification regarding the decision of your appeal by e-mail to your address.

Steps for Appeal

  1. Access the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form and review the required documentation.
  2. Complete the written statement section by describing in detail the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and what steps you intend to take to assure that you will maintain SAP in the future.
  3. Submit the SAP Appeal form and all of the required documents to the UNC Asheville Office of Financial Aid. Appeals must be received in the Office of Financial Aid 30 days prior to the start of the semester for which you are trying to establish eligibility. Students appealing after this time frame should be prepared to pay for the semester expenses.

If the appeal is granted, you will not be allowed to submit another appeal for the same type of appeal such as for an illness. You will need to meet all the terms of your Probation to be considered for Financial Aid in the following term.

Denied Appeals

If your appeal is denied, you will be asked to attend a semester at your own expense and earn the deficiency either in the hours, GPA or both. If you did not maintain SAP due to a deficiency in hours you may take the hours at another institution as long as UNCA accepts the transfer hours. This process must first be approved by the UNCA Registrar’s Office. If the deficiency is due to your GPA you must take the hours at UNCA since your GPA’s is calculated only on your UNCA hours. After you complete this semester you must submit an appeal form to the Office of Financial Aid as stated above in Steps for Appeal.