First-Year Students

The Admissions Committee reviews each candidate’s application individually, considering all aspects of the applicant’s record before making a decision. The committee places strong emphasis on the quality of the candidate’s high school curriculum, performance, trends and class rank (if provided), and performance on standardized tests in the final decision-making review. The comprehensive review of all applicants is designed to look deeper than numbers and data to determine a student’s overall fit with UNC Asheville, including qualitative factors like: the application essay, extracurricular activity, honors achieved, leadership roles, special talents and abilities, and other contributions that an individual might bring to the UNC Asheville community. Our goal is to determine every candidate’s fit for the diverse, public, liberal arts educational experience at UNC Asheville.

Admission Requirements

To be considered as an applicant for admission at UNC Asheville, first-year candidates must submit:

  • Completed application for admission.
  • Non-refundable application fee of $75. This payment does not apply to other university fees.
  • Official high school transcripts, provided by the school, to UNC Asheville’s Office of Admission and Financial Aid.
  • Home schooled applicants who are NC residents must submit a copy of the “Home School Eligibility Certification,” issued by the NC Division of Non-Public Instruction. Non-North Carolina residents must submit official documentation indicating the home school is approved to provide instruction. Official transcripts should include the notarized signature of the home school official.
  • The Admission Committee will evaluate all applications, whether or not they include test scores, using our comprehensive review process. Fall and spring 2023 applicants are welcome to submit SAT and ACT test scores; however, these scores are not required due to the challenges presented by COVID-19. For those who choose to submit test scores, use the following school codes:
    • 3064 for the ACT
    • 5013 for the SAT
  • High School Transcript Supplement and Counselor/Teacher Statement


Admission Decision Appeals

Applicants who are not offered formal admission to UNC Asheville may appeal the university’s decision. In these cases, candidates are encouraged to contact their assigned Admissions Counselor and work together on the appeal. The Admissions Counselor can serve as a campus advocate for the student’s appeal and establish a partnership that will help the student submit the appropriate materials to provide the best chance for the appeal to be granted. The Admission Counselor will gather the appeal materials and submit them for consideration on the student’s behalf. Visit the University Catalog for more information about appealing an admission decision.