The Summer Opportunity for Academic Readiness (SOAR) program is designed to help a select group of recent high school graduates make the transition from high school to college. During this program, they will be exposed to UNC Asheville’s academic expectations, as well as the culture of the campus and the greater Asheville community.

SOAR Benefits

  • Live in a campus residence hall and develop lasting friendships with other UNC Asheville students
  • Earn 7-8 hours of college credit
  • Get to know faculty in our small summer classes
  • Learn about resources and opportunities at UNC Asheville
  • Gain an understanding of the college environment and expectations
  • Enjoy summer fun in Asheville as you settle into your new home

If you have any other questions, please contact Audrey Bissiere-Grote at 828.258.7714 or In addition, we have a video showing you how to pay your SOAR deposit. You can also visit the SOAR Facebook page.