Volunteer with KeyConnect

Key Connect is a volunteer engagement and management system that helps community partners find and pair volunteers with the right opportunities. Community partners post needs to the site where individuals and teams can respond with a simple click. Similar to Facebook, community partners create profiles that highlight their organization’s mission, contact information, service opportunities, and volunteer events. Interested volunteers make similar profiles that enable them to search for engagement opportunities that fit their interests. Volunteers can list their areas of interest, join volunteer groups, become fans of community partners, and track volunteer needs and events.

Visit KeyConnect.

Community Partners

How to Create an Agency Page

Creating an agency page is a great way to connect with students who are interested in volunteering. By creating a page you’ll also be able to post on going volunteer opportunities or one-time events that your organization is hosting. Students can sign up directly through the website.

Getting Started

  1. Visit keyconnect.unca.edu.
  2. Click on the Sign Up button in the upper-right hand corner of the page.
  3. Click the link that is next to the question “Want to sign up your agency?”
  4. Provide the requested information. While not all of the information is required, the more thorough you are with filling out your page, the more likely students will take interest in what you have to offer.

Posting an Opportunity

  1. Once you’re logged in, select the drop-down arrow under My Agencies at the top of the page. This will take you to your profile page.
  2. From here you can create an Opportunity or an Event by selecting their respective tabs at the top of your profile. An opportunity is better suited for ongoing volunteer needs. An event is better suited for something that is only occurring once.
  3. Once you’ve completed your opportunity or event click on the “Create” button on the bottom of the page. Now your post is live for students to see and respond to!


Students can use KeyConnect to find service learning courses and volunteer opportunities and to log completed hours for courses or student organizations. To log in to KeyConnect, click the button labeled Students, Faculty, and Staff. Log in with your OnePort log-in credentials.

For Service Learning Courses

Find Your Course

To find your class click on “Service Learning Courses” in the menu on the left. Your professor should have sent you a link inviting you to the course. If you have received and clicked on the link there should be a “View” button next to the title of the course you are taking. If this button does not appear contact your professor for the access link.

Responding to Opportunities

Your professor will be requiring you to complete a certain number of volunteer hours for the course. Opportunities for you will be posted to your course’s personal page. To view the current available opportunities click the “Service Opportunities” tab. Next, click “Details” under the opportunity you are interested in in order to sign up. Don’t stop here. Once you begin responding to opportunities you still need to log your hours.

Logging Hours

Once you’ve began volunteering you’ll need to log your hours in your course’s page. To do so go to “Track Hours & Expenses” and click “Add Entry” towards the bottom. The opportunity you responded to previously should be in the drop down menu. Select it and then fill in the details you are prompted for. Once you are complete hit submit and your hours are logged.

For Student Organizations

Respond to an Opportunity

There are two different kind of opportunities you can respond to. The first kind is an opportunity that has been posted on the Key Connect website by local community partners. To see these postings click on the Opportunities tab on the left hand side of the page. To narrow your search, use the Sort By and Search By menus at the top of the screen. Click View Details for more information. From here click on the Respond button in the upper right-hand corner and fill out any details that you are prompted for. Don’t stop here. You still need to log your hours once you complete your service.

The second kind of opportunity you can respond to is one outside of Key Connect. For example, if a community partner reaches out and asks for members of your organization to volunteer at event but have not posted the event as an opportunity on Key Connect, no worries! You and other members of your student organization may still volunteer at this event and have the hours count towards your total hours needed for the semester.

Logging Hours

Whether you responded to a posted opportunity on Key Connect or not you still need to log your hours. In order to log your hours you’ll need to go to your profile. To do so click the arrow by your initials at the very top right hand corner and then click “View Profile”. From here go to Track Hours and scroll down to Hour Type.

This is where you will log your hours. If you responded to an opportunity that was posted on the Key Connect website check Yes and select the opportunity you responded to from the drop-down menu. If you responded to something that was not posted on the Key Connect website check No and fill out the needed details. Next, it is very important that if you are filling out hours for a student organization that you select the student organization’s name from the drop down menu. If you don’t the hours will not count for the student organization. Once you have finished filling out the required information click Submit Hour Entry and your hours will have been logged.