P.A.G.E. (Partners for Achievement and Growth through Education), is a volunteer program that connects UNC Asheville students, faculty, staff, and community partners to the Asheville City Schools through academic service-learning courses, one-time projects, or ongoing commitments. This program, sponsored and implemented by the Asheville City Schools Foundation (ASCF), provides high quality, hands-on, and accessible after-school programming for all Asheville City Schools middle-school students. P.A.G.E.’s main goals are facilitating student learning, supporting students and teachers, and building an impactful community both in schools and outside of schools.

The Key Center is proud to partner with the ASCF by offering a variety of pathways for students, faculty, and staff to work with P.A.G.E. Volunteers can participate in existing projects or develop news ones based on personal or academic interests. For more information, visit the ASCF website.