Student Awards

Great Ideas Grants

Honors students have the opportunity to apply for a grant award that will support them as they explore creative, leadership, travel, internship, or research experiences.

The Phyllis Betts Founders Award

The Phyllis Betts Founders Award is funded by The Phyllis Betts and Richard Janikowski Fund in honor of Phyllis Betts, who founded the UNC Asheville Honors Program in 1985. It is given annually to the graduating University Honors Scholar who most embodies the liberal arts ideal of polymathematics and well-roundedness, having excelled in distinct and often distant fields of study.

Honors Program Citizenship Award

Established in 2016, Honors Program Citizenship Award is given to the Honors student who best exemplifies engagement in the community of the Honors Program. Recipients of this award may demonstrate outstanding commitment to the Honors Program through planning and attending co-curricular and extracurricular activities, leadership on Honors-related organizations, and service opportunities related to the Honors Program.


Previous Awardees

The Phyllis Betts Founders Award

2018 Abigail Stephens

2017 Savannah Purdy

2016 Massey Bartolini

2015 Giovanni Figaro

2014 Corey McClintock, Caroline Ketcham, Kyle Cavagnini

2013 Charlotte Pate

2012 Kristina Bender

2011 Tiffany Yates

2010 Jordan Wolfe