Schedule & Registration

Schedule of Classes

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Class Registration Calendar

Students will have access to web registration at 7 a.m. on their first day of registration (see calendar grid below). Registration will be open for students 24 hours a day and will remain open through August 25. Note: Your registration start date is determined by your classification and number of earned hours. Courses you are currently taking do not count as earned hours. Check GradPlan to see your earned hours.

Date to Register for Fall 2019

Classification/Earned Hours

April 1Undergraduates with 105 or more earned hours / MLAS Graduate students / Post-Bac Teacher Licensure / Post-Bac 2nd degree
April 2Undergraduates with 90-104 earned hours
April 3Undergraduates with 75-89 earned hours
April 4Undergraduates with 60-74 earned hours
April 5Undergraduates with 45-59 earned hours
April 8Undergraduates with 30-44 earned hours
April 9Undergraduates with 15-29 earned hours
April 10Undergraduates with 0-14 earned hours
April 11Readmits
April 22Newly admitted students (After submitting deposit and completing OAR course)
August 12Non-Degree seeking students


Important Reminders

  • Degree seeking students must make an appointment with their advisor to obtain a RAN (Registration Access Number). Advising officially begins on March 18, 2019.
  • For registration purposes, students in the following classifications will be assigned a RAN of 201960:
    • Non-degree
    • Newly admitted MLAS Graduate students
  • Students should check their OnePort account for holds before their scheduled registration time. Students with Registration Holds will not be allowed to register until the holds are cleared with the appropriate office.
  • Current students are expected to register for Fall 2019 by April 15. Current students waiting until August to register for Fall 2019 may be assessed a late registration fee.

Fall Tuition Bills Due: August 1, 2019


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