Academic Success Program

Providing students with the support and resources to help them get back on track academically

The Academic Success Program (ASP) is a multi-tiered system designed to help students on Academic Warning recover from past academic difficulties and maintain progress toward academic success. Those students who successfully complete ASP are overwhelmingly academically successful during the semester they participate. More importantly, these students continue to be academically successful post-ASP.

All students on Academic Warning must meet the following requirements to get back into Good Standing:

  • Earn a 2.25 semester GPA
  • Successfully complete at least 70% of your semester classes
  • Complete all requirements of designated ASP tier
  • (Restriction on Academic Warning) you are limited to 15 credit hours in the semester

To learn more about UNC Asheville’s Academic Standing policies, please visit the Registrar’s website or the course catalog.

Tier 1

Requirements: Students placed in Tier 1 are required to enroll in and successfully complete an LA 171 class in their next major semester (Fall or Spring). LA 171 is a one-credit class that meets once a week. The course covers techniques for becoming a more proficient learner.

End Goal: High level of support, facilitated growth as a student/study habits, guide towards confidence/competence, reflection, intrinsic motivation

Tier 2

Requirements: Students placed in Tier 2 are required to enroll in and successfully complete an LA 171 class in their next major semester (Fall or Spring).  The Tier 2 LA 171 class will be an independent study-style course with the student identifying their needs, and attending workshops to address those needs.  There will also be meetings with an assigned ASP advisor to discuss progress.

End Goal: Medium level of support, options to learn what they self-identity they need help with, ownership over growth, improved tool box/coping skills

Tier 3

Requirements: Students placed in Tier 3 are required to meet with their assigned ASP advisor at the outset of the semester and a minimum of twice more throughout the semester.

End Goal: Ownership over development, support offered, help in getting back on track

Contact Information

Please email us at or make an appointment with an academic advisor.


  1. Can I take more than 15 hours?
  2. Can I move into a different tier?
    • You are welcome to ask to switch tiers.  Please fill out the Tier Petition form to make your case. We will review each student individually and let you know.
  3. How will this affect my financial aid?