Academic Alerts

Academic Alerts (AA) can reflect excellent performance or satisfactory progress, or they can indicate concerns (e.g., attendance problems, missing assignments, academic difficulty, etc.) and are meant to advise students of their current academic status. Professors use the AA system because they are invested in student success and want to open conversations about how students can improve their performance.

What happens if you receive an Academic Alert (AA):

When a faculty member submits an AA that expresses a concern, the student receives an email from the Academic Success Center with instructions to complete a reflective Google Form that will be shared with your instructor and advising staff. At this time a registration hold is placed on the student’s account and will remain until the student completes the form. Generally, students may meet with the professor to ensure they understand the expectations of the course and the likely implications of the behavior(s) that led to the alert. The professor and student may then set a plan for progress or discuss the student’s options if it is no longer possible to pass the class. It is in the student’s best interest to complete the AA process quickly, as students who do so are more likely to earn credit for the course. Failure to complete the AA process means the registration hold will remain on their account.

Students who receive more than two alerts must also meet with an academic advisor in the Academic Success Center.