Academic Standing & Recovery

Academic Standing

Academic Standing is determined by both your GPA and completion ratio, which is the number of classes you attempt versus the number of classes for which you earn credit. Withdrawals and failed classes count against a student’s completion ratio. Academic Standing determines your eligibility for financial aid and also establishes whether or not you’re successfully progressing through your courses. To be in good Academic Standing, students must have a semester and cumulative GPA at 2.0 or above, and a semester and cumulative completion ratio of 67% or more.

Dean’s List & Chancellor’s List

Students who complete a minimum full-time load of 12 semester hours, have no grade lower than a C, have no Incomplete or IP grades, and have a GPA of at least a 3.5 for the semester will appear on the Dean’s List. Students are qualified for the Chancellor’s List if they earn a 4.0 with a minimum of 12 semester hours and have no Incomplete or IP grades.

Academic Warning

Academic Warning is just that – a warning. It’s a chance to re-evaluate your academic strengths and challenges, study habits, and lifestyle choices that may be affecting your ability to reach your academic potential. While on Academic Warning students you discuss strategies for success with their advisor to take full advantage of campus resources.

Students are placed on Academic Warning when their GPA falls below 2.0 (C average); or, their semester GPA is below 2.0; or, their successful completion rate (earned hours divided by attempted hours), either for the semester or cumulative, is less than 67%. Transfer credits do not count towards the GPA.

Students on Academic Warning are allowed to register for a maximum of 14 credit hours in a regular (fall or spring) semester, and one course per term in the Summer.

Good Standing

Students on Academic Warning must meet the following requirements each semester to become in Good Standing:

  • Earn at least a 2.25 GPA (approximately a C+ average)
  • Earn a 70% or above completion ratio
  • Complete our Academic Recovery Program

Students on Academic Warning who do not earn at least a 2.25 and 70% completion ratio the following semester (fall/spring/summer) will be suspended. For more information about the Academic Standing policy, see the Course Catalog.

Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Recovery Program (ARP) is a multi-tiered system designed to help students recover from past academic difficulties, perform to the best of their abilities, and maintain progress toward academic success after completing the program.

Those students who successfully complete our Academic Recovery Program are overwhelmingly academically successful the semester they participate in ARP and continue to be academically successful.

Tier 1

Students who are placed in Tier 1 are required to complete an online form as well as completing the Tier 1 Academic Recovery Agreement. Other requirements for completing Tier 1 are:

  • Earn 2.25 Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete the Tier 1 ARP contract

Accountability, Momentum, Persistence

Students are required to complete the Accountability, Momentum, Persistence (AMP) course which includes mandatory attendance and participation in the 1 credit hour AMP class. Requirements for completing AMP are:

  • Attend and complete AMP course
  • Earn 2.25  Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete ARP contract

Making Academic Progress

Students placed into Making Academic Progress (MAP) are required to complete the 1 credit hour MAP class. Requirements for completing MAP are:

  • Attend and complete MAP course
  • Earn 2.25  Semester GPA
  • Complete 70% of courses
  • Complete ARP contract

The ARP includes, but is not limited to, mandatory meetings with instructors, course updates, participation in tutoring and academic workshops. If in AMP, weekly attendance/participation in the Accountability, Momentum, Persistence (AMP) course is required. If in MAP, weekly attendance/participation in the Making Academic Progress (MAP) course is required. Students are limited to 15 semester hours or one class each summer term. Students may face administrative withdrawal from the university if they fail to complete the requirements while participating in ARP.

If you are a residential student who will be serving your suspension, you will need to remove all items and check out of your residence hall room by the deadline. Contact the Offices of Residential Education and Housing Operations at to make arrangements or for information about your housing status.