Diversity Action Council


UNC Asheville’s Diversity Action Council supports and develops strategies, policies and procedures for advancing the university mission of creating a diverse and inclusive educational community.


We envision a campus community dedicated to the success, empowerment, and inclusion of all of its members.

What We Do

Established in 2008, the Diversity Action Council is a diverse group of faculty, staff, and students charged with advancing the University’s core values of diversity and inclusion. DAC acts in an advisory capacity to the Chancellor through the creation of equity-minded campus initiatives and recommendations.


The Diversity Action Council (DAC) was established in 2008. One of the most important DAC functions was to bring together UNC Asheville employees with responsibility for diversity in their job description. The group was created to complete two primary objectives: to develop a common campus definition of diversity and to inventory the various diversity programs across campus along with their associated budgets, with a focus on how these units could more efficiently and effectively work together. The Chancellor had originally convened the DAC as an ad-hoc committee to complete the tasks. After discussing the future of the DAC with the Chancellor, it was decided that the DAC would continue as an ongoing group dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion on our campus.

Diversity Statement

At UNC Asheville, diversity means creating and supporting an inclusive and sustainable community, one in which people of all backgrounds interact respectfully and in which each member is valued. To reach this goal requires that we enhance the range of human diversity on campus, including but not limited to dimensions such as race and ethnicity, age, religion, disability, socio-economic status, gender expression, gender and sexual identity, national origin, culture and ideological beliefs.