Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research, Effectiveness & Planning (IREP) collects, analyzes and disseminates statistical information and research about students, alumni, staff and faculty at UNC Asheville in support of effective teaching and learning, institutional accreditation, sound planning, effective stewardship of institutional resources, and compliance with state and federal reporting requirements. Please see our publications below.

Enrollment at a Glance

The Enrollment at a Glance report provides five-year trends in student enrollment. Report tables disaggregate on demographic, geographic, and academic characteristics of students (including academic major).

This report is published twice annually: (a) in September after tenth day of fall term; and (b) in January after tenth day of spring term.

View the 2018 Enrollment at a Glance reports:

Institutional Characteristics

The Institutional Characteristics report provides basic information about the current student enrollment, the current schedule of student charges (tuition, fees, room and board), degrees awarded, faculty and staff, facilities and institutional finances.

The Institutional Characteristics report is published each October.

Graduate Profile

The Graduate Profile report provides extensive information on student persistence to graduation, including data on participation rates of graduates in high impact educational practices such as study abroad and undergraduate research. Report tables disaggregate on demographic, geographic, and academic characteristics of students.

This report is published each November.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set contains information used by publishers of admissions guides and college rankings publications, including data on general institutional characteristics, enrollment and persistence, undergraduate admissions, academic offerings and policies, student life, annual expenses, financial aid, instructional faculty, class size, and degrees awarded.

The Common Data set is published each December.

Fact Book

The Fact Book provides a wealth of historical and current information on student admissions, student enrollment, student instruction, staff and faculty resources, institutional finances, and institutional facilities.

This report is published each January.

Archived Publications

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